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A Happy First Time Home Buyer
August 2019
I guess you could call Kaitlin the new buyer whisperer. It felt like everything was stacked against us when we bought our house. Not enough for closing costs, BOOM Kaitlin fixed it (got seller to agree to over 6k in concessions on a 270k offer). Financing Issues, BOOM Kaitlin’s got your back (I think she was on the phone with my lender more that I was). Houses in the area were under contract on average in less than 3 days, BOOM this house posted and Kaitlin was calling the sellers agent within the hour to schedule a viewing. Loved it and sent the offer out same day. Inspection showed about $250 in needed repairs, BOOM Kaitlin got us $1,000.


After all this the house appraised $18,000 Lower and the deal was ready to flop! BOOM KAITLIN GOT THE SELLER TO DROP THE PRICE, SAVES US $18,000, AND GOT US OUR DREAM HOME. Do you want a realtor that answers all your calls and questions? Call Kaitlin. Do you want a realtor who wants to see you in your dream home as badly as you do? Call Kaitlin. It costs $0.00 to use a realtor as a buyer, in my case it put me in a house that gave me $30,000 in equity in a month. Call Kaitlin. Its a no brainer.
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